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Boathouse Restaurants COVID-19 Safety Plan

General Conditions

• All employees must read, agree to & sign the safety plan and most importantly uphold the standards included herein.

• Employees will be reminded and monitored for general hygiene including hand washing, face touching, and cross-contamination.

• Employees will be asked to refrain from high fives, hugs & handshakes on shift.

• The Boathouse will maintain all necessary sanitation, soap, towels & PPE for staff.

• Cleaning materials and chemicals will be separated front and back of house.

• Garbage containers will be lined with plastic garbage bags.

• Restrooms will be outfitted with warm running water, soap & paper towels.

• Hand sanitizer will be available for guests.

• The proper use of masks & gloves, should they be used, will be reviewed by the member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee.

• Employees involved in deep cleaning will be encouraged to wear gloves & masks provided.

• Employees involved in dishwashing will be encouraged to wear eye protection provided.

• Cleanliness & sanitation checklists will be updated & circulated for all stations as they change.

• Guests will be strongly encouraged to reserve tables.

• Guests will be encouraged to enjoy outdoor seating.

• Children’s crayons will be single-use.

• All kitchens must contain only essential personnel.

• Will discourage cross-location employees.

• Signs will be placed outside asking ill guests to refrain from entering.

• Safety plan will be posted online.

• As required by WorkSafe BC, the occupancy limit will be posted at the entrance to the Restaurant

Physical Distancing

• Customers may not congregate in groups larger than 6 at this time.

• Training signage on Face Mask Best Practices will be posted In various places within the restaurant.

• Will minimize table movement and apply floor stickers.

• At the bar, individual customers or groups of customers must be seated 2 meters apart.

• Will modify shift meetings by maintaining 6 feet between attendees.

• Our policy is to avoid situations where staff have less than 1 m or 3 ft between them and a guest (particularly face-to-face connections should be distant).

• The Boathouse will ask staff and management to maintain respectful distances from coworkers and avoid additional points of physical contact between team members.

• The Boathouse has created separate take-out and dine-in protocols.

• Servers may take table orders if 6 feet away.

• Servers will leave food at the end of the table and let guests pass them once the server has stepped away.

• Our policy is to set tables without condiments. They will be brought upon request and will be single-use items.

• Our policy is to let guests forward coffee cups and water for refills without handling. If this is not possible, fresh cups and glasses will be brought to the table.

• Wine bottles, once opened, will be poured by guests, with instruction if needed.

• One empty chair distance plus 3 feet or 6 feet is needed if a table is fully occupied for at table ordering. (Vancouver Coastal Health.).

• All Menus will be single-use and disposable for guests.

• Drink and food pads that guest use will be disposable.

• Each Restaurant will post signage, flow stickers & social distancing reminders to minimize unnecessary contact where applicable.

• A member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee will be in the building daily.

• The Boathouse will post clear signage indicating that customers exhibiting visible cold / flu / COVID symptoms will be denied entry and service.

Cleaning & Hygiene - Front of House

• The Boathouse will recommend and encourage tap or mobile payment methods.

• The Boathouse will make sanitizer available to customers and staff.

• The Boathouse will make gloves and masks available to staff.

• Staff will require washing of hands frequently and after touching any dirty dish, glass, utensil, or high touch surface.

• The Boathouse will have a schedule of cleaning high touch surfaces with the responsibility of the member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee for completion.

• Cutlery, salt & pepper shakers, sauce dispensers, candles, and other tabletop items will be removed and sanitized when tables are being cleaned.

• The Boathouse will serve silverware in single-use napkins.

• The Boathouse will reduce contact points. Guests will be brought items like condiments only upon request.

• The Boathouse will post handwashing signs near all sinks.

• Staff will be required to wash hands as per posted standards. 

○ Before handling and running food and drink.

○ After bussing a table.

○ Before pouring fluids.

○ After handling cash or credit cards.

○ Between interacting with different parties 

• Cleaning schedules will be posted and monitored by the member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee for high touchpoints.

• High touch areas include wait area benches, walls, tables, chairs, barstools, salt and pepper shakers, coat hooks, restrooms, doors including the front door, restroom door, elevator buttons, staff doors to office, kitchen, and breakroom.

• If a guest asks to take unfinished food with them, the server will provide packaging and let the customer place their food in the take out containers.

• Create a log that employees must sign to verify cleaning is being done at the specified intervals.

• A member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee will check with all staff for visible symptoms and ask all staff coming on shift whether they have any symptoms.


• No personal items may be stored overnight.

• All Staff areas including all back of house areas to have an occupancy limit adhering to social distancing guidelines of 2 metres/6 feet.

• The Boathouse will require social distancing in restrooms which will be posted on restroom doors.

• The Boathouse will post a province-wide medical resource list for staff that includes telephone numbers and website addresses for key medical, mental health, and bullying resources and approved sources for COVID-19 information.

Physical Distancing – Back of House

• Kitchen teams will work together to establish separations between workspaces in kitchens and be aware of physical distance in kitchen settings.

• The Boathouse will limit the number of staff in a food preparation area at any one time to a maximum of 6.

• The Boathouse will organize staff where possible into working groups or teams to facilitate reduced interaction between groups as much as possible.

• The Boathouse will limit access into the food preparation area by delivery agents.

• Dishes after washing mush be handled with clean, washed hands.

• People putting dishes into the dishwasher must thoroughly wash hands or have another person with clean hands put dishes away.

• Glassware once through the bar dishwasher requires washing of hands by the bartender before putting glassware away.

Cleaning & Hygiene – Back of House

• The Boathouse will instruct kitchen teams on cross-contamination hazards. 

• The Boathouse will establish formal enhanced cleaning and disinfecting practices for high-contact areas such as surfaces in public-serving zones; incorporating regular and end-of-shift cleaning and disinfection for all shared spaces; and ensuring workers are provided with appropriate supplies, such as soap and water, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. 

• The Boathouse will instruct cooks and chefs not to share knives, utensils, or service tools. High touch equipment (freezer doors, oven handles, knobs) will be cleaned regularly and cleaned / sanitized in between different users. 

• The Boathouse will instruct staff to clean and sanitize bathrooms after each use. 

• The Boathouse will clean all frequent BOH touchpoints including doors, handles, and rails hourly as per cleaning schedules. 

• Develop a cleaning schedule and assign a person who is responsible for completing cleaning tasks and who is ensuring completion of these tasks. 

• The Boathouse will create a BOH log that employees must sign to verify cleaning is being done at the specified intervals.

Physical Distancing – Delivery

• The Boathouse will stagger start times for food delivery drivers to prevent crowding at restaurant dispatch locations. 

• The Boathouse receiving practices are adjusted for proof of delivery so that in-person signatures are avoided and online confirmation of receipt of the package can be used instead.

Training & Orientation

• The Boathouse will implement a policy requiring staff to perform personal health checks prior to the start of shift (for example, via: 

• Although PPE is not required, it is recommended wherever practical. The Boathouse will make PPE available for any staff requesting PPE. The Boathouse will train staff to correctly wear, maintain, and dispose of appropriate PPE, namely disposable gloves and a face covering over the nose and mouth. The use of gloves must be accompanied by frequent and correct change-out (where necessary), as well as handwashing. Workers will be trained on proper donning and doffing of the PPE. This can be addressed through the education and training provided to workers during the business resumption orientation. 

• The Boathouse will communicate new floor plans, menus and notes, schedules and shift policies, sanitization and documentation procedures, curbside/to go and gift card programs, tipping and schedule changes, and staff hygiene and uniform standards as they may change. The Boathouse will have a sign-in sheet to verify employees have been informed and trained on these procedures. 

• The Boathouse will establish guest and staff feedback lines for procedural changes. 

• The Boathouse will communicate the Covid-19 symptom policy. 

• The Boathouse will continue to create talking points and COVID-cautious FAQs for all staff answering phones. Practice questions and discuss when to involve a manager or owner.

Bar Area

• Bartenders must use tongs for bar garnishes such as lime wedges. 

• Bartenders must hand wash after handling dirty dishes/glass/other before handling clean Items. 

• Bartenders should pour drinks. If other than bartender hand washing is required before pouring.

Further Resources

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