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Oyster Season



half dozen 23 | full dozen 40


Deep Bay, Vancouver Island, BC

From the Japanese word for 'ultimate', these oysters are grown in deep sea trays and periodically tumbled to achieve the perfectly smooth shells they are known for. With a very clean and delicate flavor and a briney cucumber finish - these are the ultimate oysters. 

Royal Miyagi

Sunshine Coast and Georgia Straight, BC 

Originally from the Japanese Miyagi prefecture and harvested from various areas along the sunshine coast, these oysters are synonymous with the Pacific Northwest. Grown in deep sea trays before landing on the beach - they are sweet and lightly briney.

East Coast Varieties

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI 

With various wild species indigenous to the Northeast, these oysters are grown in the cold deep waters on the Atlantic Coast of Canada. Typically known for their larger size and highly briney flavour, these oysters can vary as much as their scenic backdrops. Ask for today’s selection.


by the five pack | 24


Created in 1899 in New Orleans, this dish was named for its rich and extravagant taste. Featuring chopped spinach, garlic, pernod butter sauce and cheesy bread crumbs.


The Japanese inspired take on the classic Oysters Rockefeller is said to have been invented in Vancouver’s sushi crazed culture. This is a dish full of rich Umami flavours with Japanese mayo, golden miso, sweet mirin and mozzarella.

Sriracha & Smoked Cheddar

Chef Brent’s personal take on a summer BBQ smoked oyster. Fire-roasted with butter, garlic, sriracha, fresh lemon and Applewood smoked cheddar.

*Offers available while supplies last